“The Lie of July”

Time Crunch, so straight to the point! So I stumbled upon an idea recently and I thought to share, but before I do, let me first say "Aloha" and apologies for my (somewhat controllable) absence for a minute now, it's life, life has been everywhere and your boy has been trying to live it. However,... Continue Reading →

Based on Popular Demand?

Hey suckers! I really need to stop saying that, before some people will take it the wrong way. Let me say this once and for all, the reason I call y'all 'suckers' is that you suck at the greatest thing you can ever suck at; sucking! So that essentially means you rock, but saying 'suckers'... Continue Reading →

“You are not all that!”

In my country (Naija), apparently "Nigeria" (whoever that is) has decided and chosen a new (or more like old as per the old incumbent and old as per actually OLD) president, and that is what everyone seems to be talking about, but I have something else in mind... Guess what suckers?! We have officially come... Continue Reading →

“Last Minute Miracle”

We've all felt that Joy of beating a deadline at the nick of time, that thrill of doing something near impossible, that superhero pride that comes on us when we realize "we actually did it." If you've felt it, then you'd know it's a really victorious moment, I for one live for those moments, knowing... Continue Reading →

“Let’s Wing It”

One thing that we undermine a lot in our daily lives is "Strategy", a lot of us live recklessly with no coordination or agenda all in the name of spontaneity, in the name of "Winging It To wing it is an idiom that means to improvise, to do something without proper preparation or time to... Continue Reading →

“My Biggest Enemy”

"Don't ever try to prove yourself to people who doubt you, try to kill any doubt you ever had in yourself, that's more productive." I've being putting aside really tiring & unproductive things nowadays, things like not being happy, like being ungrateful, like trying to prove myself to anyone. Anyone that thinks I need to... Continue Reading →

“Don’t Stay Down”

"Let Nothing Steal Your Joy" Have you noticed that you can barely get anything done when you're grouchy, depressed or generally downtrodden? That moment (or those days) you're just "not yourself" cos you're not happy, I bet everyone has had those. So there's Joy and there's Happiness, both are cool oh but one is temporary... Continue Reading →

“DON’T Abuse Yourself”

Recently I've been struggling with keeping up with a lot of targets I set, and it's quite tiring. What's tiring? Repeatedly not achieving what you'd like to achieve is tiring. And even more tiring is the part where you get to beat yourself up for the consistent shortcomings. Have you been unable to function as... Continue Reading →


Yo, I'm calling y'all from the land of reality, calling Utopia, calling Utopia, calling YOU TO reality. On behalf of the Republic of Reality, I Ambassador Ebube Agu with very remarkable accolades bring you this important information; NOTHING YOU DO IN UTOPIA COUNTS UNTIL YOUR WORK IS SEEN HERE IN 'REALITY' This is not to... Continue Reading →

“Critically Acclaimed”

This is a shout out to all the Great Analysts of our time, the Critiques, the know it all's, the always finding something wrongs, the you could have done it this way clan, the ones that can never be pleased. This is to you. If you like, don't find something and do with your life,... Continue Reading →

“Critical Steps”

If you can take a complement but not a criticism then you are positioning yourself for failure. “The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” – Norman Vincent Peale Hope you got that? It's simple, you like it when people say good things about you,... Continue Reading →


I've found that a lot of people take life "as it comes" "roll with flow" or just live hoping that things will get better. By these I mean a lot of people live passively, allowing life to happen to them over and over again. From all my years of playing basketball, besides injuries, I've picked... Continue Reading →


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