One of the most commonly asked Questions regarding Purpose is "How Do I Know what I'm supposed to do?" If you saw this question in "Bespoke" and you really need an answer, then you're in luck, cos I'm gonna give it today. Having found out how unique you are, the next thing is to know... Continue Reading →

“Measure Up!”

Everyone wants to be GREAT (at least every normal person). Greatness however, means different things to different people. Someone's vision of Greatness might not interest you at all and vice versa, and this is because we have different aspirations, visions and desires in life. One's idea of greatness must be tied to their (INDIVIDUAL) aim... Continue Reading →


No jokes, I did swallow a poison, the only thing is that it was a "slow poison". Before we get into how it happened and how on earth I survived, let me tell you a story. So I'm visiting at my cousin's, and there I was this morning washing the car and getting it ready,... Continue Reading →


One of the things I find hard to answer are questions pertaining to "What is your best so, so and so...?" Like What is your best color? What is your favorite meal? What is your best movie of all time? These questions make me think for too long and as such, my default response to... Continue Reading →

“I’m My Own Boss”

One of the things I battle with the most in my classroom is noise-making, disturbance and fighting. (Yes, I'm a teacher for those of you that don't know). The most common reason I get whenever I catch an offender is; He was the cause, He hit me, He did this or did the other, it's... Continue Reading →


It was only Yesterday that while cleaning up the house a thought came to me; what if something were to happen NOW & You die? What hit me next wasn't a fear of death, it was more like the fear of not having achieved. At that moment I wasn't thinking of money, houses and cars,... Continue Reading →


Have You ever had one of those mean toothaches, cavities or even extractions? If you have, you'd know that the pain that comes with it is not pleasant at all! Your entire body is aware when the teeth is having a bad day. It seems like there's a direct connection from the teeth to the... Continue Reading →


I am a student of Philosophy and Psychology, and it's days like these that make me remember why I love what I do so much. A lot of times people ask why the combination, don't I think Psychology alone is ok, is the course worth all the stress? After proper reflection I have concluded that... Continue Reading →

“What Time Is It?”

...So I punished one of my students yesterday and it was a sad moment for me. Sad because, I hate punishing my students, and more so, it was our first meeting this year. Anyway, in the spirit of striking balance in the new term, I had to discipline the lad. While he did his "time",... Continue Reading →


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