“Last Minute Miracle”

We've all felt that Joy of beating a deadline at the nick of time, that thrill of doing something near impossible, that superhero pride that comes on us when we realize "we actually did it." If you've felt it, then you'd know it's a really victorious moment, I for one live for those moments, knowing... Continue Reading →

“DON’T Abuse Yourself”

Recently I've been struggling with keeping up with a lot of targets I set, and it's quite tiring. What's tiring? Repeatedly not achieving what you'd like to achieve is tiring. And even more tiring is the part where you get to beat yourself up for the consistent shortcomings. Have you been unable to function as... Continue Reading →

“Tell ‘Em”

"Tis a great confidence in a friend to tell him your faults; greater to tell him his."- Benjamin Franklin Yo you know how you have friends and it's always easier to think of telling them the truth than actually doing it? Well if you don't have that challenge, that's awesome, we probably need to know... Continue Reading →


Yo, I'm calling y'all from the land of reality, calling Utopia, calling Utopia, calling YOU TO reality. On behalf of the Republic of Reality, I Ambassador Ebube Agu with very remarkable accolades bring you this important information; NOTHING YOU DO IN UTOPIA COUNTS UNTIL YOUR WORK IS SEEN HERE IN 'REALITY' This is not to... Continue Reading →

“Who You Gat?”

Nowadays, A lot of emphasis is now laid on "Who You Gat?", who you know and those sort of things. One of the greatest causes of unhappiness (& lack of fulfillment) is the feeling of entitlement. That is, when people feel they're being owed something, Love, Money, Favour, Respect or something. People feel the World... Continue Reading →

“Critically Acclaimed”

This is a shout out to all the Great Analysts of our time, the Critiques, the know it all's, the always finding something wrongs, the you could have done it this way clan, the ones that can never be pleased. This is to you. If you like, don't find something and do with your life,... Continue Reading →


Have you ever been there the moment a child is born? Even if you haven't, I'm sure one time or another you must have experienced the naming ceremony or dedication of a child. It's always a joyous moment, most times the parents are so overjoyed that you'd think all their problems have been solved. That's... Continue Reading →


I've found that a lot of people take life "as it comes" "roll with flow" or just live hoping that things will get better. By these I mean a lot of people live passively, allowing life to happen to them over and over again. From all my years of playing basketball, besides injuries, I've picked... Continue Reading →

“I Am a Fool”

One of the people that have really inspired my poetry journey is a man called Tolu Akinyemi. I started seeing poetry from a new light when I started reading his pieces. I believe that as much as poetry should be artistic and somewhat structured, it should be natural and truthful. I for one, don't like... Continue Reading →

“Watchman… Watch It!”

And God said... These Words are SPIRIT and LIFE... Verse 18: As a Righteous person (note As a Righteous person oh) You don't have the license of stagnancy. Our Mandate is progressive in nature. Our movement is from GLORY to GLORY. A better yesterday is a taboo in our kingdom (Yahweh's kingdom) We keep moving,... Continue Reading →

Where’s Your Ginger?

What Makes You Move? In every action there is ONE constant; "Decision"! Also a present variable at times are "Feelings" This means that in every action, DECISION is mandatorily present, but sometimes one can also find "the feeling to do it" there. Check it: You've done some things you felt like doing but you've also... Continue Reading →


There's this mindset that's overcome me. There's the WELL-ABLE thought pattern that has "plagued" me. It's not about the FACTS anymore, it's about the TRUTH! I recall in Numbers 13 when God had given the children of Israel their land for the taking and they went to spy it. The spies came back with glorious... Continue Reading →


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